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  1. I would be appreciated if you flag my post to be looked by Evernote staff, because i essentially need the dataset for my thesis, otherwise i must change my thesis.
  2. I fully understand the privacy issues of users. there are a lot of data sets of famous companies on the net, they just encrypt the private data. for example they encrypt the user names to some hashes (like x342R43!*&). and exclude the passwords, emails and so on in the notes. or just include the accounts with non personal data in them.
  3. Sorry, but i would be appreciated if someone form Evernote officials give me a data set of as large as possible accounts included. I'm sure that they must have such data sets for their test processes.
  4. Thank you, I downloaded and imported the files, you can delete them
  5. Hi I'm a Msc. Student of Software Engineering and my thesis is on Clustering Evernote software's contents. Academically, i need an authentic data set of evernote contents (Notes, Notebooks, Tags, ... Probably saved in .enex or .xhtml format) for running my algorithms, getting results and proving my model. But when i go to https://dev.evernote.com/webclips.zip for a mentioned data set, it shows 404 error page. i guess it must be corrupted or removed accidentally. So please provide me with a valid link to the sample data set (or better, data sets) of evernote for my research. Thanks a lot.
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