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  1. Same thing here with page https://www.ulaval.ca/les-etudes/programmes/repertoire/details/maitrise-en-administration-des-affaires-analytique-daffaires-mba.html#description-officielle&structure-programme, which is saved as https://www.ulaval.ca/les-etudes/programmes/repertoire/details/baccalaureat-en-droit-ll-b.html, which is indeed the content of the "<meta property="og:url" ...> tag. Edit: I just noticed this problem has been reported three years ago... I can't imagine how many Web pages could have been stored with the wrong URL in Evernote within this time...! Edit2: I forgot to mention I'm using Web Clipper Version: (48bcd17/ on Firefox Developer Edition v56.0b2.
  2. As stated in my first post, I had the 7.9.8 beta version, but I followed your advice and reinstalled the app (still v7.9.8 beta), and *now* I do have a Google Drive option when I click on the paperclip (see screenshot). Cool! Thanks!
  3. OK, when I click the paperclip, I don't see any Google Drive option (see screenshot), but if I then click on the "File" option, I then have access to any app-provided contents, including Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Interesting feature. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I recently heard about Evernote and Google Drive integration and, even though I can see and use the Google Drive icon in the Web version of Evernote, it is nowhere to be found on my Samsung tablet (Android v5.0.2), even with the Beta version of Evernote (v7.9.8) -- see attached screenshot. Am I missing something? I don't know if that matters, but the Google Drive Android app is installed and working on my tablet.
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