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  1. Same problem here. Evernote 6.10 running on a Mac Book Pro OS X El Capitan 10.11.6. This happens every day. I have tried to reproduce the issue, and it looks like that the following is happening: 1) Open the app - my app opens in the view where you have all notes on the left and a preview on the right 2) Consumption is around 123MB 3) Double click on a note - memory goes to 140MB 4) Close note - memory goes to 128MB 5) Double click on new note - memory goes to 151MB 6) Close note - memory goes to 134MB 7) Open note - memory goes to 159MB 8) Close note - memory goes to 150MB 9) Wait for some time - memory goes to 160MB It looks to me that every time you open/close a note memory is not fully given back to the OS. Any idea of what might be happening?
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