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  1. Too little too late Evernote. This *attempted* change has shown that you are completely out of touch with your user base. You are suffering both from Netflix and Pandora syndrome. You believe you are in a position to push horrendous changes thinking you are above repercussion but as you can see, you're not. First was the 2 device change. That was completely awful and absolutely negates the very essence of what Evernote was. Raw accessibility. The fact that Evernote could be everywhere. Your phone your tablet, your PC, your laptop, your cat...and so on. When you made it so the basic user was so VERY limited, you began to slip down the slope of greed similar to the Netflix streaming/DVD mail split. While I was starting to transition to Onenote to get away from EN, now I really am no matter how much you attempt to rescind this. Oh but I do bet this kind of stuff will show up in public relations classes in the future similar to how case studies used to be about Delta crashes and Tylenol/cyanide issues in the past. Basic users want acessibility, not all the bells and whistles. LEt the power users pay for that and give free people back their multi-device capabilities. This latest attempted change will not be the last stunt EN will pull. Mark my words.
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