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  1. Well, think about the technology, it isn't that great yet guys. I remember this happening to us as well, when the file for the note was too large. Perhaps this is the issue.
  2. From a fellow Silicon Valley company: The reason people pay for Evernote is to have a vault for their data, which is unique and very personal to them. From tax info, to credit card info, to passwords, to medical documents, Evernote serves to be a person's diary, an inventor's patent journal, a lyricist's log, a coder's repository, a journalist's research bin, a scientist's experiment account, a business' meeting minutes. Many of us rely on you, Evernote. Please speak to upper management and be the force to make the revisions required to help us trust you again. JUST DO GOOD BUSINESS! IT'S EASY =D It is disconcerting to realize we didn't in fact possess an end-to-end encryption here, many of us in the valley across companies are preparing to abandon your service to protect future data, although we acknowledge it wouldn't make a difference on preexisting data, as your "Privacy" Policy clearly outlines it will retain **residual** data [backups] for up to one year, sell our data (to the furthest extent law permits, who is watching?) if you are acquired, or review our data for uncertain maintenance or ToS violations. Choose a win-win path. Undo the liquidate user-data as an asset clause. Rewind on the method of data acquisition for ML training. Reboot the program and offer incentive to opt-in. Let us wrap whole notebooks in encryption and throw away the keys. Insert into the Privacy Policy that you will notify users by email or in-app notification that your agents have accessed which data, and when. Let the users feel safe and private again. Now is the time to turn up your compassion, bow to the customer, and make them smile again. Let them know you really listen, hear the complaints AND fix them, it is 2017!
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