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  1. A simple-to-use note locking feature is needed to prevent accidental edits -- above and beyond the check mark function available now. With phones getting thinner and larger, I end up "editing" my shopping lists ALL THE TIME while actually shopping. Holding my phone (shopping list in Evernote) in one hand, the overlap of my thumb and fingers opens up the note, adds/deletes characters, and unless I catch it, I end up losing my shopping list. I just checked my book draft in Evernote and found I'd "butt-dialed" random words throughout my manuscript -- word suggestions by Android, added when my phone became unlocked in my pocket. The whole 300+ pages will need a careful rewrite now to make sure all the random words are removed. I'd recommend Evernote everywhere, on our many websites and social media accounts, but between the lack of this much-needed locking feature -- and the lack of the ability to globally select typeface and font size -- I just can't recommend it. Every note, every time, I am re-doing the font face and size. Every time. So close, yet so far. I know you must feel strongly about not including these features, but please humbly re-consider the many requests for these two features. As they say in the South, sometimes you're "sooo right," you're wrong. Guys, this is one of those times.
  2. Agree. Changing the default typeface and font size would be extremely helpful. For example, I often make shopping lists and order them to match how the store is laid out, to save time shopping. However, when I cut and paste the text in order, the pasted text frequently switches typeface and/or size back to the default and/or some other random thing. It's aggravating, especially since I would like my lists to be large and clear enough (Gotham FTW) that I can read my list without bringing reading glasses, and taking them off and on repeatedly while shopping. In the end, I'm afraid trying to make a clear and easy-to-read shopping list on Evernote, even with the ease of being able to rearrange them in shopping order, takes more time than it would to just scribble the list down on a scrap of paper and run around the store in randomly. I can't even calculate how much time I'd save if the formatting remained consistent on my upcoming book. Being able to set a default typeface and font size -- which actually remains after cutting and pasting -- would be very helpful.
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