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  1. Sorry, you are too late. I have already ported over to a competitor and deactivated my account. Good for you that you admitted your faux pas and reverted. However, the policy itself is not why I quit and all is not forgiven. Truth be told, I have never kept sensitive notes in Evernote. I quit because your management team actually implemented the policy and did not have the foresight to understand how bad it was from the start. I can't imagine the product meeting that actually came up with "well, we can let our people read people's notes" as a viable go to market strategy. That shows an amazing amount of lack of understanding of the customer needs... as evident by the blow back you are now receiving. It also shows a lack of understanding around data security. The insider threat is a "big thing" these days and your statements about additional training and vetting are not effective remediations against this threat. It is disappointing that you thought they would be.
  2. Yet another voice to add to the chorus that Evernote is failing with this new policy. Bye bye Evernote, we had a few good years. So sorry to see you shoot yourself in the foot. - a paying customer
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