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  1. This is a very disturbing update after a few years of mostly underwhelming updates from Evernote. I've been a paying customer for a long time and if this goes into effect I have no reason to stay with this service. The wording of the update makes it pretty clear there is no way to opt out of the employees reading the data. There is no reason the developers need access for the Machine Learning part, and if they do then they should be asking the user for details and not just going into user data. If anything Evernote should be working on increasing privacy not making it easier for governments to get access to user data. A feature that encrypts a notebook with a user created password would be ideal and shouldn't be all that hard to implement. It would be easier than the machine learning and it seems many more users would want that feature. There are plenty of other options out there for note taking and there are plenty of guides to moving to them from Evernote. I used to have such a high opinion of this company but it's at the point where I have no trust that they know what they are doing.
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