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  1. Thank you for your troubles, I'll try that and see if it helps.
  2. @rayd @MDR169 Does this (on Chrome + Mac) only disable the rather discreet PDF button, which is not what people are complaining about in this thread, oder does it also disable the constant pop ups (pictured here in this thread), which is what people are mad about? I'm on the Firefox add on, which doesn't have options at all, but from your wording it sure sounds like this Chrome option is just do deactivate the pdf button.
  3. I'm on Firefox with Web Clipper and holy shite these constant popups are driving me insane. I open my browser – popup. I open a pdf – popup. I open Gmail – popup. This is absolutely annoying. And no, I am not clearing cookies and cache and I stay logged in. And even if I did clear my cookies, it would still be a horrible decision to show popups every time. It's not even just the browser. I open the app, I get popups too ("presentation mode – 3 days left in your preview!"; "is your email still valid?"). So my takeway is this: I have a paid account and still I'm being constantly sp
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