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  1. Yes but it is already in there. I would have expected that functionality to be not present then, or reworded differently like "correct implementation of..." kind of thing. Like I said in the earlier comment, it is a simple fix but I wanted to just address a few discrepancies. Opening https links to a web browser, that are internal links (other notes) instead of inside the windows 10 app Keyboard shortcut not working Dragging not completely working
  2. I misremembered, I followed the shortcut as it is displayed behind the menu entry. It didn't work. I know it is a work in progress, but I just wanted to address this trivial fix (app link vs http link by dragging)
  3. In the Evernote 10 Windows Client, dragging a note from the side (note results) view to an open note, creates a link. Very convenient. However, the link created is a WEB link, starting with https:// instead of evernote:// (applink). The problem is, when I am inside the Windows 10 client, this is pretty useless as it opens the web browser for that particular note (why? I am already inside evernote!) Ideally, dragging and dropping should leave an applink (starting with evernote://) but I would also be happy with https:// links that point to internal Evernote documents, to open INSIDE the Windows 10 app. There is no need to invoke the browser version. Right now to create a link, the workaround is cumbersome. I have to select the note, right click, copy internal link, go back to the other note, paste the link. Ctrl-L which is supposed to copy the internal link does nothing as well, it just leaves a weird symbol in my note viewer.
  4. Evernote 10.6.8 build (2238), Windows 10 When I press F3 anywhere, the tag element at the bottom highlights stating "Type to add" but the keyboard focus is not there so typing does not result in a tag being added. Menu "Note -> Edit Tags (Alt+Ctrl+T)" when clicked as menu item works, but the keyboard shortcut doesn't when I am in an editor I get a weird symbol (this one: þ). When I am not editing but selected a note, nothing pops up. I am using keyboard ENG - United States (International).
  5. Picture you are in the supermarket or hardware store with a scanned list of items to get. You can use the annotation tool in yout note to cross off the items you want in your scanned list (why type it over, scanning is faster!), Very handy. When the screen rotates the swatch resets to the biggest pen (too big for an avaerage note) and the color resets to pink (although pretty, I was using green). Very annoying to say the least! Please make the selection persistent or at least selectable by default, e.g. if I use the marker tool pen size one below large, do not reset this all the time to uber large and pink! Just use the last set pen (which it does as the marker setting is persisted), but also the size and colour. This would save me a lot of cross out frustrations. To reproduce: Open a note with a scanned pic Long press to get the annotation Select a small pen, color green Tilt the screen Color and pen and reset to default Thanks, - Jorgen
  6. No this does not work. It is a link anchored in text like "Download latest firmware here". There is no way to copy the URL using the selection tool. Remember this is a clipped article. This means embedded links are usually not visible as URLs but as named anchors. Selecting the link to copy will just select the text, as shown below...
  7. Hi, I sometimes clip (web) links that contain links to downloads. It would be highly desirable if a link that I long press inside that clipped note (or any note for that matter), will perform something like "Copy to clipboard". The downloads can be huge, or not meant for Android, (e.g firmware updates, ISO files to linux installs) but I would schedule the download on my NAS to be used later. There is no way now to NOT let it download on my android device as the default behaviour of clicking a link is opening it in the browser, and if Chrome or another browser recognises the link it starts downloading immediately. Desired behavior: In a (clipped) note: Long pressing a link would either copy it to clipboard and mention this in a popup / message (this way I can copy the link to my NAS download APP or somewhere else) Double tap the link should open it in the browser Many apps work with a long-press feature so it would integrate nicely. Thanks, - Jorgen
  8. Ok, here is the deal. Evernote App on Android is inconsistent, and dragging / dropping would have been a solution, seperate to what flow or method I would choose . But what you suggest adding or removing tags that way, DOES NOT WORK. Simple example, select a tag, select two notes in that tag (long press, multiselect). This way a tag can be added. Great. Now long press and select the same two notes again, I see no way to delete the previously set tag(s), NOR see I the tags that are set on both notes, if there would be a union e.g. one tag on both notes, I would be happy to delete that one tag that way, but selecting multple notes give you a blank "Add Tag" dialog even when it contains tags, selecting a single note does not. So to recap, adding a tag on multiple notes, fine. Deletion on multiple notes, nope. So kicking like 30 or more notes out of a tag, requires selecting EVERY SINGLE ONE and removing that tag from that note. And unfortunately I am not a Windows user, hardly a laptop user. So Evernote on the tablet is all I have. The web interface on the tablet royally sucks. It works half-ish, sluggish. So there I am, with an impaired app, paying a monthy fee. Now, I do understand "unfinished" or "unsupported now" means that it might be supported in some way or the other in the future, but I feel that I am only defending the reason WHY I want it on Android, and I am not at all interested in what the Windows version can or cannot do. Windows is not the future of mobile computing, it lost the battle a long time ago. And one thing that is killing for a service (and noticably the biggest complaint in most threads here) is inconsistent behaviour on supported platforms, that is why I am now pointing out that the functionality as you describe (deleting a tag from multiple notes at once) does not work as intended. Therefor, the swift going through tags, staying in your "productivity" flow of adding, removing notes to a tag (or the other way around what is basically the same) is cumbersome on a tabet. I will leave it at this, I do not wish to discuss semanthics, or be nitpicked on any small thing. This is what it is. It is inconststent. And I invite all that have an android tablet to check this.
  9. .. yet the method "The Secret Weapon" which advertises Evernote does it like this. It shows how easy the flow is, by dragging and dropping. I am not thinking tags as containers, but a drag to a tag should add the tag to the note(s). Similarly, in the app there is a multi edit that removes a tag from selected notes, why shouldn't there be one that adds a tag to one? And why can that not be done with a drag and drop method? Evernote is portrayed as the reverse filesystem structure where a note can be in different places, no folders required... so the same analogy can be assumed where dragging a note to a tag "places" the note in that "containing" tag in this system.
  10. I can't seem to get this to work, yet it is a core functionality as addressed in The Secret Weapon method. I want to select a notebook, let's say "Pending Tasks" and then see all tasks that have Christmas as tag. Instead it shows all notes from all notebooks with that tag when I do it like that. There is no way to select / filter tags in an active notebook unless I type the query notebook:"Pending Tasks" tag:Christmas. This is cumbersome, and should be in sync with the desktop app or web app. I hope this can be fixed soon! Steps how I try to filter: Select notebook Pending Tasks Select tag Christmas ... All notes having that tag are shown, in all notebooks Also, please let me: Order the bookmarked tags instead of putting them on top Search for a tag in a hierarchy like they are selected instead of a flat list Save searches instead of putting only shortcuts on the home screen Thanks!
  11. Hi, Beta User here... As Evernote gets more and more portrayed as a GTD app, and people use it to manage their daily tasks, I would like to suggest an easier way to transition between tags in the Android (iOS) app. Assume I select a tag "Today". All my tasks from today are here. However I want to push back on two items to "Later". Now I have to edit tags for each individual item which will be cumbersome. What if, drag and drop will allow me to drag a task/note to a new tag? This will add the tag. For "moving" one could suggest show a dialog after the drop action which mentions "Move to tag" and "Copy to tag". Similarly, a special selector like a "move" button will do the same as it removes all (multi selected) notes from the current task under view, and add them to the one dropped on. This will help tremendously for the flow of selecting the next thing to do. I hope a similar system will be implemented for apps soon, as I work mainly from my tablet, and tag manipulation is still a bit of a usability problem there (no tag nesting possible, no nested tags in search window,etc). With regards, _ Jorgen
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