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  1. Has anyone had issues with trying to edit an encrypted note in Evernote on iOS - running iOS 10 and latest evernote app. I can enter my password and see the note... but when I click anywhere to edit the note - I see a cursor but can't type anything or hit return, etc. This issue doesn't exist when editing non encrypted notes. Anyone else see this? Thanks!
  2. I just did a screen shot of yours.. pasted into evernote - which increased in size by 4x then tried to paste it back here...
  3. Did something change in the last few months with Evernote regarding pasting clipboard images on a Mac? For years I was always able to command/ctrl/shift/4 to grab a screenshot from a website... then just paste it into evernote. Now when I paste it - it shows up huge/oversized and pixelated. Something changed somewhere... is there a way to get regular pasting to work where the same/like size pastes into Evernote? Thanks - Sam
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