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  1. Yes, votes on the top are probably the most important...
  2. Of course... I just noted that's kind of ironic.
  3. You know, of course it differs from the usage you have. For my part, I'm also just writing notes. When they get longer, I have to make sure these notes stay readable, so I add an extra space between paragraphs. Sometimes, these notes transforms themselves into articles that might get published. So I use the very handy Url-Sharing functionality to give access to my note-turned-out-article to editors so that they can access the live-updated-latest-version-of-my-note-turned-article. If it's good, they will copy-paste it to their InDesign or whatever program they use. And guess what? I addition to the default paragraph-spacing of their Indesign or other program, my duplicated additional space-between-paragraphs appears! That is obviously a problem. Same problem happens if I paste my article directly from my Evernote to Microsoft Word or similar.
  4. Yes, paragraph spacing is very important. You know what? paragraph spacing is supported on Evernote forums but not in the app itself ?
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