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  1. I suffered this either for 1 month and I thought that maybe I'm new to Mac pro. And also found lots of complaints about this online without solutions. Now at least 2 solutions work for me today July 30, 2018, with the current newest version Mac OS and Evernote. 1. use Shift+Command+V instead of Command+V 2. Go to System Preferences and then Keyboard's Shortcuts tab, then choose App shortcuts. Click the plus button at the left bottom of the pane, and give a new name which must be "Paste and Match Style" to the "Menu title" and new shortcuts (any key not a normal, I use Ctrl+S)
  2. Suggesstion1: Add brush feature to change some content with the same font/color/size etc. from the existed in note, like that does in Microsoft's Office Word. Suggesstion2: Add bookmark feature in one note and the bookmarks could be searched through whole notebooks or part of notebooks by choosing some of them. Suggesstion3: Add line number feature (better with collapse option) in one note , for pictures etc. in the note, can be given one line number as a block line number. I think these are very useful to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. Thanks a lot!
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