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  1. There is always the possibility that someone in your workgroup may prepare something in Evernote and it may be of some use later in Keynote or Powerpoint... I'm surprised there isn't an Evernote how-to video for exporting Evernote presentations (and other documents) to other, offline file formats. After all, you may need to make a presentation in a remote location where you cannot rely on good internet/cellular access.
  2. Hi folks! I'm new to Evernote and new to these forums. I have a 2013-vintage iMac running MacOS X 10.10 Yosemite, an iPad Mini running iOS 10.1 and I'm about to get a new Motorola Moto G4 Play phone (my first smart phone, but I have operated Android phones before). I just started on-the-job training with my new real estate broker; I am a licensed salesperson. My broker has not ventured into cloud-based services further than Gmail and Google Drive, and some real estate forms. I asked her about Evernote, having heard it was useful to real estate professionals. She never heard of it, and is pretty conservative. Where can I learn more about what Evernote can do for me as a real estate professional? I checked out YouTube briefly, but the videos I saw there were at least an hour long. Are there any summary videos anywhere? Assuming I start with Evernote on my own (and money is tight right now since I'm just getting started), where would I begin? What can I do that will be useful and free? Where can I go from there once I start making money? How do I get my devices working with Evernote? I have two user accounts set up on the iMac, one for my personal stuff, and one for the real estate business. Is it possible to set up two Evernote accounts, one for "me me" and one for "real estate me"? Does Evernote interact with Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Cloud? (All installed.) Thank you for your time and attention!
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