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  1. Hi, I'm regularly using both Feedly (for RSS reading) and Evernote (for general notes) I want to sync all my feedly tagged items with Evernote (to handle my big data only in one platform) but it's not possible unless you're not a premium Feedly user. In addition, one may send only one item at a time, there is no such a bulk export from Feedly to Evernote. If there will be a bundled RSS module / reader in Evernote (that we can follow all the feeds here), wouldn't it be nice? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for your comments. I think "reminder" feature seems just fine for now. Tagging as "favorite" needs a special effort, it needs to be done by one click.
  3. Hi fellows, I would like to write a feature request. I need to pin (or favorite) some notes to go back and check out again. BTW I'm not talking about shortcut feature, it's limited and it's only some specific / important notes. What I need is to see the favorites like a notebook view. (You can think as a natural notebook actually that works with pinning like Evernote save for later) Thanks.
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