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  1. I use both actually. I have my tasks and schedules on google calendar. But I use Evernote to track what I've done and see it at a glance. I am trying to lose weight so I have a calendar for exercises and food. The food, I hyperlink to the recipes in another note. I know there are probably other apps for that but I've gotten comfortable with Evernote in 2015 to 2016. If it really doesn't work in 2017, of course I could always consider using other apps.
  2. Or I could just edit the 2016 calendar. But you would think that Evernote would be able to solve this since the 2016 calendar templates were quite good. And since I'm paying for Premium...
  3. I tried downloading the 2017 calendar template and I'm having problems using it. When I type something in the day, the columns move and I have to manually hit Enter to go to the next line. In the 2015 and 2016 calendars, the columns were fixed. Can anybody help with this?
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