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  1. Open Letter to Evernote, sent to the Partnership/Alliances email account (there not being any evident support/feedback account): I am a paid up Pro user and so am in a partnership with yourselves - I'm having to use this contact address as you don't seem to have any other contact form that doesn't send you down some automated response path. That in itself is worrying enough, what brings me here is the lack of a Linux client - but before you ditch this email as not your issue please, take 10 more seconds to finish the mail, I promise to keep it brief... You are an employee of Evernote, you are paid by customer subscriptions. I have fully read the only 'support' info on this issue (https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/42393-evernote-for-linux) and the result, as with 'Feedback EMail Address' is that there isn't one. One of the recurring themes there is the lack of a business case for a Linux client. I am now fully Linux and as such, on conclusion of current billing period, will have no choice but to cancel my subscription (I am not always connected to the net so Web is not, and never will be, a solution). Existing customers leaving has to be the best (anti-)Business Case there is. I would be extremely grateful if you could forward this to whichever internal Business Development email acct would be appropriate. Regards, Steve Gillam.
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