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  1. Thanks @Sholzy, I looked on the Android Store and there is no Penultimate there. I did see some alternatives like OneNote and might try that. It would have just been easier if EverNote had not replaced something that worked well for notes with something designed for drawings that is good for EverDrawing.
  2. Is there an alternative? The old Evernote notetaking app was decent. Not great, but 1000x better than Sketch that they just incorporated into a recent EverNote Update. Evernote as a handwriting note app on a tablet is now useless. Hence my interest in a Remarkable. From what I read, integration with EverNote is not feasible. Is there another handwriting notes app/hardware that works well with EverNote?
  3. Community, I have been using Evernote handwriting for many years. Great way to go paperless. Unfortunately, they upgraded the app to use Sketch and now it is basically useless. On my tablet (either Samsung Tab S6, or my Active 3) I start to write a note. I pause. Perhaps my palm touches the screen somewhere else, and suddenly I can't continue to write. I have to click Done to save it, reopen, click on the section with the written part, click on the squiggly to write, but I don't have multiple pages that I can write on. Am I missing something? How can I best write several pages of text, handwritten, without interruptions? Thanks for any insights Patrick
  4. Same here. Keep paid user for many years. Evangelist. The new handwriting sketch thing bites the big one, the widget for my android that showed me a filtered list of items to take care of is no longer available. Evernote was so a big part of my daily routine and now it is at least 60% useless for me. Does anyone know of a good replacement? 😠
  5. Same problem on my Galaxy Tab6 as of today after the latest update. Save that sometimes doesn't go away, handwriting that save for unknown reasons while I am still working and that I can't edit, and I am a long-term premium user who creates on average 20 handwriting notes a week. What is the likelihood this will be rectified in the next week or so?
  6. I am not understanding your statement. Are you saying that notes are not supposed include drawings or sketches and therefore EverNote doesn't support it? Most of my 'notes' include written words, arrows, sketches on how things work, etc... I am not a designer at all, but I do use more than letters. In any case, for those who like windows or android, is there anything I can use? The Note 7 has gone up in flames. My Note 2 is too slow. So a digital pad and OneNote (which does have the ability and same use of the word Note ;-) would be the way to go? I prefer not. I prefer to stay with one program but if EverNote doesn't support my type of notes... :-/
  7. Thanks for the responses so far. Very odd that a program such as Evernote doesn't allow for handwritten notes. Also for people who draw/sketch, how do they use EverNote? Scanning is okay but a bit of a pain. When the meeting is over, I want to move on. Scanning also doesn't allow for quickly erasing or editing of what I wrote/sketched. Perhaps I can use OneNote for real note taking and create a Zapier zap to make it available in EverNote. Anybody any other ideas/suggestions?
  8. Hi, I use Skype with video a lot, and when I want to take notes during a meeting it is easy to write with my right hand on a piece of paper without looking like I am distracted. Now I am starting to use Evernote more and more. What is a good way to get handwritten notes directly into a Note? Using a iPad with Penultimate seems overkill (plus I am a Windows and Android user). Perhaps something I can add to my PC and laptop via a USB port? However, when I start a new note on Evernote on my PC, I don't even see the option for any handwriting input. So is it even possible? Anybody has an elegant solution for this? TIA Patrick
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