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  1. Wow, your data is huge, thanks for the information
  2. I know ssd has wear leveling algorithm. The problem is how is .exb file updated? Is it updated incrementally or each updating will repack the whole .exb file? If it is the first case, then it is fine. But if it is the second case, it is not good. For me, I have a .exb file with 400MB, and for those heavier users, I think it will be much bigger. Even perfect leveling will not stand whole updating of large file frequently.
  3. In windows, all evernote data is stored in a .exb file, and every single change will update .exb file. If I installed evernote on a ssd drive, and because ssd has writing cycle limit which is a key factor to wear a ssd out. I am wondering whether frequent updating of .exb file will harm ssd lifespan or not, considering the size of .exb file is usually very large for a heavy user.
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