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  1. Well why the heck is evernote using AMR file format to save audio files from less than a year ago if ios has supported it since version 4.3?? (which is like 5 years ago)
  2. How do I convert the format on the iphone? Also that's a huge pain, can't Evernote somehow change the format of old audio notes so they're playable? I have tons of audio notes and to be unable to play them on my phone is crippling
  3. As title says, for weeks now been trying to play with old audio recordings, when I click on them it does nothing, on Evernote.com when I click on the .amr file it opens a new window and doesn't play. Thus I am completely unable to play my old audio recordings. Anyone ran into this? And more importantly anyone figure out how to fix this?
  4. I mean obviously Evernote is a superior note-taking and organization application, thats why I use it too. But encryption is very important to me and I know I'm not alone here, so whats the real reason for not implementing it? Are they aware of how important it is to many users? edit: Also I've already seen it on the feature request page plenty of times.
  5. I don't understand, how can Backblaze encrypt all your data (terabytes of it), while charging $50/yr. But Evernote, which charges about the same and only stores on average 1/1000 of the data can't encrypt all the data?? If it's an issue of size of the notes(and opening them frequently), there should be some design plan here that allows text-only notes to be encyrpted and searchable. Backblaze takes about a minute to open 4tb of data, but text-only files are extremely small in size, and should be able to be searched quickly. Or at the very least, let us make certain notes encrypted (
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