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  1. I should probably start this off by saying that I do not spend every waking minute in front of a PC (or smartphone) somewhere. The majority of my time is spent working, keeping up with the required daily tasks of a person, being with and contributing as much as I can to my family, and yes, even sleep. Neither my work or play centers abound a PC or the internet. I use it as a tool just as I would my auto, my meters and instrumentation, a calculator or even a pencil. (Yes they still exist and are used sometimes.) The following was sent 'as a ticket'. --It was my understanding this started as something easy to use and would help me. So far this has gotten further and further away from this. Every update I get, the more times I have to repeat the actions until Evernote application works. When it first started, it sounded good and was quick on the problems. Now it seems that I can find not support or help!?!-- To be the clearest and to the point as much as I can muster, this is my dilemma; "How much time and effort on my part should I have to put out in order to make use of something that I am paying someone else to help me with?? I do apologize for any spelling and grammatical errors for I am a Systems Engineer, not am English language teacher. Thank you for you patience.
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