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  1. Thanks a much gazumped ! You are the king ! Now everythinh is OK, I am so glad. By the way, this setting is really not obvious 'Activate Multi-Shot' means something different for me. Before to come on the forum with my question, I have searched to find solution by myself and of course I have seen a camera setting but 'Activate Multi-Shot' was not the solution from my point of view. Anyway, now it's working. Thanks again and have a nice day.
  2. Hi, thanks a much for your reply. I have no large round neither nothing that I had before (EV camera app), now it launch the photo app (exactly the same when I take a photos), if I take the photo it will be added to EV as .jpg image. I remember that before I had a different interface (as you describe it, with large round dot, etc.). What's happened with my EN meantime ?
  3. Hi everybody, I remember there was a possibility to scan documents with EN with the camera of the mobile Now when I push on the camera icon (there is no other icon of "document scan") it bring me to my camera photo as it is (exactly the same when I take a photo), nothing special about EN of document scanning ! I have a basic account on Galaxy S7 phone What I am doing wrong ? Thanks in advance and have a nice day.
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