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  1. Hi all - I'm trying to export all of my notes from Evernote into Excel - title, note body, all the metadata, etc (also tried to download Robert C's Excel macro but got an error - might have to cook my own). I'd like to clean/bulk edit and analyze all my data. I can copy and paste all notes by selecting them from the top list view of the desktop app, then paste them into Excel, but the note body isn't a field you can select - this should be a simple feature to add, since all the other fields are viewable (see screenshot). Anyone figure out how to do this, or where I can address my request to? Even if it were a paid feature I wouldn't mind, but I think I have a right (and a need) to access and manipulate all of my data as a I see fit. Evernote's not a bad input interface but they'd better watch out - it's only a matter of time before someone else develops a better input/output UI.
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