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  1. Hello @gazumped gazumped Thanks for the thoughts....through now but not much luck. Have been advised to search 'Trash' notebook, Note History, and the Purgatory folder all to no luck. Perhaps you have an idea. Note was entered in windows Evernote web....I could see it synching to my iPhone note throughout the day. Concluded and shared the note from the iPhone to another person. Once they went to open message 'items cannot be opened you either have no permission or item has been moved' When I went back to the note (on all versions iPhone, web, mac desktop) the note was only partially there (from 10 minutes into a seven hour session). Critical to retrieve this note for business and would appreciate any ideas. I have asked ticket to see if they can pull from somewhere in the background.....thanks
  2. I am having the same issue....I had quick response (2 hours) for my first ticket with cut and paste advice from the help pages. After my response all have been silent now for 3 days for which I now have raised another ticket. Missing part of my notes from an 8 hour meeting that was inching across devices (my double check) and is now gone. Needless to say some serious business issues with lost notes on a critical meeting. Needing urgent help and no number to be found....also seems monday to friday chat is down....
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