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  1. me too, just tried the uninstall-install, no luck as TX-EX said at the start of this thread, pretty disappointed in the difficulty of talking to evernote.
  2. I'm seeing this behavior too. I did try to use support and got a certified evernote consultant who immediately wanted me to re-install. I objected, saying that the behavior had started after the 6.10 update. And that it was their responsibility to tell me if this was a known bug or if it was new before I sunk time into helping them debug. He said "To be clear, I'm not an Evernote Employee. I'm a fellow Evernote user trying to help you. " So how is that different from this forum? Does Evernote actually have customer support? Not happy given that I just paid for another year of premium. I started moving my notes to Google Docs.
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