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  1. I love and use Evernote almost daily. BUT since you began showing this annoying page every time I open Firefox, I'm about to find an alternative to Evernote. Since you created the annoying thing, give me the cure for it, will you? I've already disabled Evernote Web Clipper, that does not help at all. Don't suggest not clearing my browser history when closing Firefox either. So, what's the solution, Evernote team?
  2. The same thing happens on Firefox and it happens EVERY time. It's not the choice of browser. Is there a fix for this?
  3. Please let us know if there is a way to stop the web-clipper help page from opening when I start Firefox. It is aggravating and causes a slower browser start. The web-cipper does not work as well as previous versions as well. Selection method ( =/-) is terrible and I can no longer choose which folder to save a clipped note to.
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