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  1. Evernote has abandoned reading customer complaints and even trying to support them. I'm turning off the notices on this thread and abandoning EverNot.
  2. I posted this earlier, but it didn't go through until after several more people responded as well. You must log in to be able to get rid of the annoying pop-up telling you to try it out. Once you log in you'll have more options, and be able to disable the annoying ones. But, keep in mind, that you can only log in for 30 days at a time. After 30 days, Evernote plugin will log you out and you will be annoyed once again.
  3. Well, my comment from yesterday wasn't approved by the moderator. At least not yet. Maybe they'll approve this one. I found out that there is a way to reduce the pop-ups, at least for PDFs. You need to make sure you are signed in to the web clipper. Once I signed in, the pop-ups stopped showing up every single time I opened a PDF file. And, you need to make sure you click the "remember me for 30 days" option. So, you'll get that horrible little annoying pop-up at least every thirty days. It still sucks though. And I'll still considering moving away from Evernote to OneNote.
  4. Apparently they have decided to ignore it. I'm getting sick and tired of the pop-up everytime I open a PDF. I just renewed my subscription, but I'm starting to regret it. Over the next year, I'll start moving all my notes over to OneNote and abandon EverNote. I think that's what they want us to do now. Just leave.
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