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  1. Sad to see people are still talking about tags here. This feature request is "Increase notebook limit". Evernote supports notebooks. They have a limit of 250. This feature request is to increase that limit.
  2. Hi Naveed, The only option for going over 250 notebooks is through an Evernote Business account (~360/year). Those accounts allow up to 10,000 notebooks. https://evernote.com/compare-plans RQ
  3. FWIW, my interface to finding notes, notebooks, and tags, in Evernote for Mac is Command J and I haven't hit its limits of scalability yet. It works as well with one note and several thousand notes. The points about UI constraints is well made, just in my case the UI I use scales well filtering down thousands of items.
  4. Hi Folks, Reporting back after one year. I hit the 250 notebook limit and switched to using tags last year. I'm still using Evernote, and it hasn't been a total disaster. My conclusion: Notebooks exist for a reason. That reason is as valid at 1 notebook as it is at 251 notebooks. I wish Evernote would allow more than 250 notebooks. If they did I would switch back to using a separate notebook for each client immediately. I did look into Evernote Business, but the upgrade path was too opaque. Actually, it didn't seem like an upgrade so much as a different product. What I mean is that in the Evernote preferences in the Mac app (for example), it shows I have purchased the highest level (Premium), with no action or path to paying more to get more. I would gladly pay for "Ultra Premium" if it would raise the notebook limit.
  5. Wrong Notebook = ? There are two primary methods for getting a note into a notebook Create a new note in the same notebook that is open. In this case the note is automatically in the correct notebook. I like this because there is no extra step of adding a tag to the note at some point after its creation. Move a note from the default notebook or another notebook into the target notebook. In this case it would be possible to select the wrong notebook. The difference between moving to a notebook and adding a tag is the risk of a mistake (and user confidence in the process) is that a new notebook cannot be created as part of moving a note. A new tag can be created when searching for an existing tag, which adds to the possibility of creating a new tag rather than applying the desired existing tag. In that same vein, the interface for moving to a notebook is richer and easier to use than adding a tag. The difference is subtle but I think can be supported that over many new notes the process of moving a note to a different notebook is on the whole less error prone and fraught than applying a tag. Note in the two scenarios above the first covers a large percentage of instances, so while the second scenario is more subtle, it only applies to a subset of note assignment. Another subtly of notebooks vs tags is that notebook names accept commas without any confusion, whereas tags parse inputs in ways that can cause confusion. For example adding a notebook for the client Acme, Inc. works without issue in a notebook name. Copying that same name as part of a workflow from a sales quote into a tag causes the two tags to be created, neither of which was the intended outcome, and can create some extra work and confusion. To be clear, I am a huge Evernote user and evangelist, and have been since May 2009. Tags are amazing and very useful and well implemented. But there is a use case for notebooks that is worthwhile, and I believe the cases where notebooks are a better choice than a tag extend beyond the 250 notebook limit.
  6. I switched to using tags when I continually hit the 250 limit. I still prefer notebooks for separating clients. Tags are definitely more difficult to use, and more prone to mistakes (wrong tag = "lost" note). In a given notebook a user can create a new blank note and the note is automatically created in the same notebook. Not so with tags. Create a new note and it has no tags. Add the wrong tag, forget to add a tag, that note is "gone". A lot of the support for tags doesn't really hold up. For example this list of bullet points includes two that make no sense, and one I'm going to look into. icreased limit to 100,000 This is literally what people are requesting of Notebooks. multiple tags per notes Using a notebook does not preclude a note from having multiple tags. unlimited hierarchy I'm going to look into this; I'm not sure what it means.
  7. Thanks...looking into Business Account level now...
  8. Same issue as Arcman. One client per notebook. Now hitting 250 notebook limit. Wish I could have more notebooks. For those saying "You're holding it wrong." I get it. I love databases. I love labels in GMail. I loved del.icio.us. I get why tags are better™. But the mental model of separate notebooks for always separate collections of information is much more comfortable and efficient to work with than tags in some situations, such as client specific work.
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