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  1. Pink elephant - while I appreciate your opinion, and respect your right to vote as you see fit. Your assumed technical understanding of what it would take to enable this seems to be out of sync (see what I did there??) with modern implementations of this kind of feature. If you're vetoing it because of the technical roadblocks you imagine existing then I'd recommend you read up on technologies like elastisearch. Elastisearch could easily work with the URL, it could even work on the entire page content to catch deltas. But, let's be clear I'm not looking to solution this for Evernote. Only they
  2. No one asked for the lookup to be a blocking step. Just a visual cue would suffice. If you don't like it then disable it.
  3. Would i be possible to have the webclipper give a visual cue that it already has a copy of a specific URL "clipped" - sometimes when I try to clip a page I switch focus before waiting to see the "success" prompt from the webclipping client. I often then close all tabs to switch context to another task and as a result don't recall if I'd loaded a given page into my Evernote notebook. It would be great to see a visual cue that a page has previously been clipped. Helpful in scenarios where the clipper seems to have failed, but actually succeeded. A green dot could be overlaid on the c
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