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  1. Hi, I'm more or less satisfied with the refresh. I'm pleased about the speed improvements. I have a few disappointments, however. (I wrote somewhere else that I would like a serif display font option.) I'm dissapointed about the text editing options at note editing screen, such as highlighting and colours. I realize it's not an enormous addition, but it adds to the bloat and distraction of the software—I never use the built-in Bold-Italic-Underline controls anyway, in fact I use the iOS keyboard buttons or keyboard shortcuts (I use an external keyboard). You've made the writing experienc
  2. My suggestion is to have a serif display font option, perhaps at least for the "presentation" mode (a great feature by the way), for the note content, that can be selected in settings. Serifs were developed in typography because they are easier to read. There's a misconception that non-serif fonts "display better on electronic screens," but in fact they are only better in contexts where one has to scroll and the text needs to be read in motion. This is not the case for most of our notes in EN. In the interest of keeping the app streamlined I suggest a global feature in the settings, and if the
  3. A note on Context - it seems to come back once in a while. I haven't figured it out... With respect to your Metadata and font sizes request, I disagree with you and I think it would be a step backward. Those are important things to be able to do, I agree, but the role Evernote plays is that of a notetaker app, not a desktop publisher/word processor. And this is what keeps Evernote as streamlined as it is (unlike the MS rival app we all know, a fantastic app but that is just too bloated for the quick use Evernote lends itself to). In fact I'm hoping for a slightly streamlined EN in the futur
  4. Seems to work fine for me, thankfully...good work on the update, Evernote staff!
  5. I struggled with this on iOS EN for a while, especially because I migrated to EN from MS OneNote which makes it so easy to hyperlink notes that you can do it in three clicks! Needless to nay I was usingkthe tool a LOT. But I realized it: Evernote isn't designed for that, it's designed with a tagging system that binds notes together with user-defined tags. If you tag any two notes with the same tag they are essentailly linked, because a search for that tag will give both notes. It's a different model but the results are arguably similar.
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