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  1. I have solved the problem. There were two pairs of cookies for google and evernote in the Mozilla/options/privacy/custom history/exceptions. I deleted one pair. Now after a year of trouble my clipper is working. Looks like having more than one google account/evernote account is not advisable.
  2. I have had the problem with the red dot for 6 months. I have most recent Firefox ( and have tried various clipper add ons . The clipper has a red dot. At beginning of session I click on it. It asks for google user name and pword which I enter. Then pop up closes. But nothing else happens and red dot still there.If I try again it it momentarily opens then closes. I have to use the old 6.9.3 for it to work again. Even then it stops working as soon as I later close the browser and reopen it. I have turned off all add ons (except clipper) in case of some clash. It is most frustrating and renders clipper unworkable.
  3. I have same problem. I have gone back to version clipper 6.9.3 and no problem.
  4. When evernote opens it does so in 'all notes'. How do I make it open in default notebook instead?
  5. I moved 100 or so tagged notes to a new notebook. I have no idea why but all tags are gone of those notes. The 50+ tag names are gone. All notes are in new notebook. How do I get tags back? I have old user/evernote/databases saved that I could use. If I can see the tags from old database I can take snapshot of them and then just rewrite them and attach to the notes in current database.But how do I do this?
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