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  1. Are there any updates for customizable hotkeys in Windows 7/10 to control the clipping extension in Google Chrome? It's been a couple of years and I'm wondering if this has been addressed yet. Sorry, I just saw the configuration options to do this. But I've noticed that regardless of what I configure the hotkey to be, it only works once before I have to reset it via the options menu. For example, I use control + ` and it works once. That particular hotkey combination does not work again, until I go back to the options, select "Keyboard Shortcuts" and click "Done". This resets the hotkey for one more use. I don't actually have to select a new hotkey/combination--I just have to select "Done". This is happening on the current (as of this post) version of Chrome in Windows 10 Pro. I've attached an error log if it helps. webclipper.error.log.txt
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