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  1. I guess here the issue of not sufficient functionality is mentioned. In my case the functionality is sufficient since I only seek to do hand notes but it's rather the problem of simply continuing notes on a second page without doing this manual cursor thing. Any clue how to do that? If Evernote is supposed to substitute a real blank paper, this function needs to be put in place. I'm missing a button called "Next/new blank page".
  2. Hey there, I am a very big Evernote fan using this application in my business environment. Here I especially make use of the feature of taking hand written notes with my iPad and my Apple Pencil. By doing so I'm constantly facing one issue: When finishing 1 hand written page there's no easy way to add a second page in order to keep a natural note flow. Instead, the page needs to be saved and then the cursor needs to be put after the note before another hand written page can be inserted manually. This process hurts to be honest. Maybe you can help me. Am I doing something wrong or i
  3. Hello Penultimate Users, I am a passionate Evernote user and have recently decided to use Penultimate for my notes from now on since I am not satisfied with the note taking features of Evernote. Accordingly, I installed Penultimate, synced it with Evernote and found a missing feature: As far as I am concerned, it is not possible to transfer available notebooks from Evernote to Penultimate so that I can start adding notes. Is this correct? To me it seems like I can only create new notebooks in Penultimate which can then be synced with Evernote. Another independent question: Whe
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