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  1. Hello - highlighting text in my notes on my iPhone do not appear on my Evernote for Mac version or on the web. I contacted customer support who was able to replicate the issue and suggested that I post the issue here. Thanks.
  2. Sorry for the huge delay in responding. Thanks for clarifying, that's what I meant - being able to edit and save Excel/Word documents and have it saved automatically within Evernote, i.e., not via the 'Open In...' feature.
  3. It would be useful if, when displaying Reminders in the Notes section, the date of the reminder (currently in green on the right-hand side) could include the day of the week, perhaps something like this: Fri, Jan 20, 2017 It's easier to read and one could quickly/easily tell what day of the week that reminder is set for. I always use reminders and there are times when I'm unsure what day of the week a reminder is set for and have to go into the note to check.
  4. It would be useful to be able to add Reminders right on the Home Screen, in addition to Shortcuts, Notes, Notebooks, etc. I use Reminders multiple times a day and it would be more efficient if it could be added to the Home Screen so it appears right when opening the app (vs having to tap on Notes to get to them).
  5. It would be handy to have a 'delete note' option in the Reminders screen when swiping a reminder/note to the left. Having the option to cross out or check off the reminder is fine but that doesn't delete the note, which would be useful, so one doesn't have to go back into the notebook/note to delete it.
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