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  1. I tried Evernote after 3 Years again , it still looks like soft. from 1999. People ask for more hierarchy in notebooks , they get hierarchy in TAGS Don't piss them off or THEY WILL DECREASE THE FONT TO 3size, AND YOU WILL STILL KEEP USING IT. They don't care if they lose 1000 customers, what matters is if they gain new 1000 and some more. ASKING FOR FEATURES JUST MAKES US SOUND LIKE WE WORK FOR THEM , WHAT % OF DEMANDED FEATURES HAS BEEN IMPLEMENTED IN THE PAST 3 YEARS? 0.01% DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME SEARCHING,HOPING, THINKING THAT CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. I'M DONE AGAIN WITH THIS 1999 APP AFTER 2h of USE.
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