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  1. That worked for me as well, weaverh! I guess when they say try it out, they really mean mean TRY IT OUT...or forever be annoyed! I wonder if it will reset on an update
  2. Still getting the error. Had to uninstall the extension because it was getting annoying. Maybe it's a Chrome issue?
  3. It's back, the incessant popup "Did you know that you can clip PDF's directly to your Evernote account with the Web Clipper?" Turning off all PDF-related options under "options" does nothing and every time I open up a PDF it's there blocking my ability to save or print the PDF. I work with PDFs daily, so the annoyance level was off the charts after about twenty Xings of the popup, to the point where I had to uninstall the plug-in. Anyone else having this issue with the most updated version?
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