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  1. Version 8 and still no fix for the Mac/iOS versions that do not highlight in yellow on a search. What is going on with the Evernote developers. This functionality works perfectly on PC's. This has been outstanding now for months.
  2. I bought a Snapscan ix500 with the plan to go paperless. I am using MacOS Sierra 10.2.1 and IOS 10.1 and I also cannot see any text highlighted after a search query. Evernote finds the relevant scans but does not highlight the word in yellow. I tried doing the same search on Evernote on a PC running Windows 10 and each found scan had the relevant word highlighted, so the issue appears to be a Mac and iOS software issue with Evernote from what I can see. Evernote on the Mac is 6.1 and Snapscan manager is 6.3 L60
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