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  1. I have been researching ways to use Evernote for task efficiency, mainly concerning "The Secret Weapon" and "Getting Things Done" methods; I am new to both of these thought processes, but have adapted them because I found that I am consistently writing lists in EN, while my poor paper agenda has been lying on the way-side for sometime now; if I don't get to my written to-dos, then I need to re-write them all over again next week. In hopes of eliminating this constant 're-writing' of to-dos and projects, I've begun to write all my tasks in EN, and assigned a time-priority tag (ex. '01 - Now', or '03 - Soon') to every step of my projects and things on my to-do list (ex.'Actions Pending'). SO, I am trying to now incorporate IFTTT so that every morning it populates all of the notes that have been tagged in each time-priority into a table of contents, thus refreshing my to-do lists for me every morning. How would I go about doing this? Use Google Calandar to prompt it to populate every morning? And while we're at it, I am also trying to find a recipe that archives shazamed songs for me into EN. I've see the Gmail prompt to EN, but not sure how that works. Any ideas?
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