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  1. It's funny when I highlight and share, normally my HP Print Plugin pops up but in this instance it doesn't show. I tried pasting it into my notepad but they don't have a way to change the text size. Now I am exploring One Note (Microsoft) for Android but I don't really use that and it's super annoying. I see these notes going back quite a while now, has is never been addressed by the Evernote people? You haven't had any input about this?. I don't even get the pop-up you suggested.
  2. Cannot find any way to print my documents created in Evernote. I'm working from an Android smartphone. Thanks
  3. Mine just stopped doing that yesterday, all by itself. Maybe it was an update cured it, yay!
  4. That is good to know skysky! Thank you for the info!
  5. I believe I am up to date on Android and Evernote, Galaxy Note 5
  6. when i am in my notebook and editing $ entries, in a simple note format, just changing amounts....it double types the preceding character. Like I have $123.45 and want to change it to $543.21....so i backspace out all the numbers except the $ and go to put the new numbers.... and get $$43..21 Then i have to jump in and correct it. Can't make it go away, never happened for years that I've been doing this....thanks.
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