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  1. Since in Brave Dev you can load every Chrome extension you want (although not everything works perfectly, but many extensions do work), I'm using it and would recommend it too: https://brave.com/download-dev/. You're welcome
  2. Workaround to perfectly use Chrome Evernote Webclipper Extension in Brave (probably works with other extensions too, have testet it e.g. with Mercury Extension): Download Google Chrome (or Opera Browser with "Install Chrome Extensions" enabled) Install Evernote Webclipper Extension from Chrome Webstore Go to Chrome/Opera Extension folder on your PC Go to folder "pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc" (Evernote Webclipper Extension) and identify last version folder of EWE In Brave preferences, enable an extension you do not plan to use otherwise (e.g. "Honey" or "Pocket"...) On your PC, go to the Brave Extension folder Identify the folder corresponding to "Honey" or "Pocket" (or some other extension you plan to substitute) Find last version folder of extension (e.g. "10.7.2"), and rename it (e.g. "10.7.2_old") Copy and paste the version folder from 4) into the extension folder from 7) and rename it exactly as the original extension folder (e.g. "10.7.2") Exit and restart Brave > et Voilà! Note1: It's possible you don't see any icon where it should be (right upper corner in Brave). Don't worry, it's there, but for some reason it's invisible Note2: Every time the Brave extension you are "usurpating" gets an update, you need to redo all these steps. Enjoy!
  3. I fully second your idea! However, as a workaround, I recently found www.ukeeper.com. There you can create a Bookmarklet (or save the resulting Javascript Code to a new bookmark in Brave browser) to have sent from Brave directly to your mailbox a clutterfree version of any website. From there I use the MailButler plugin for Mac Mail to save the message as Evernote (but you could also simply forward it to your Evernote mail adress, with tags and all the rest).
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