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  1. Forgot to answer those: did both before the original post with no result
  2. Hey Matt, I know about the current widget within the main app, that's what I have set up. But neither there nor on the Evernote site is there anything after I log in.
  3. Hey guys, I am using Evernote on Android and used the Evernote Widget app specifically. Had a ton of notes and was under the impression that it should be easy to restore them by synching my profile. Now the old Widget just stopped using(no notification or anything) and after using and setting up a current widget version, i cant find any of my notes. They're not in my profile anymore and I am at a loss how to get them back. I used this Widget a lot and there were a ton of things in there that I really really need. Any help for a total techno-noob would be appreciated!
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