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  1. Hello, I did see the multiplied notes in Evernote Web as well, but had no time to delete 1300 notes one by one. I waited until it synces on notebook and then batch deleted them. Yesterday I clipped some research and two notes multiplied - out of about 10. The clipper keeps saving and saving one article. I send the log. Could not acces yesterday logs; I will try by best today log-keeps-saving.txt saving.txt
  2. Hi, I clipped a few articles tomorow evening and they multiplied up to 80 copies of the same. I noticed Syncing after Clipping takes longer than usual. Because I have around 1300 new clips instead of about 20, my Evernote desktop freezes after start while Evernote on my tablet still keeps syncing. Via Evernote Web I expunged some notes that made their way to Trash but the cleaning will probably take longer, so I cannot do a test clip now. What else should I do?
  3. Since yesterday my Clipper (Chrome, 7.3.0) keeps clipping every item muliplied up to hundred times, probably while the clipper claims it is syncing. Any ideas? Anyone having the same problem?
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