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  1. The problem fixed itself (at least for me) with the latest system+keyboard patch that rolled out today.
  2. Well then you're at the wrong place friend. This board is related strictly to Evernote. If you have a problem with your phone, you should seek support at the phone creators (Asus).
  3. As long as you people are looking into it, I'm fine with it being a temporary issue Thank you for the information, didn't find any similiar topic on the boars, waiting patiently for more news about the fix!
  4. There's no such option on the Zenfone. I've tried disabling "Automatic capital letters", "Automatic interpunction" and "Automatic spaces", but that didn't fix anything Guess I'll have to create a Twitter account as I'm not able to send a ticket.
  5. Yes, I followed that procedure. The UI is a bit different on my phone (not sure if it's because of the Android version, or is the tutorial designed for an older ZenUI version), but the prompt on the last screenshot remained the same. Autocorrect is clearly set to OFF. I'll try contacting support. If anyone thinks he can even remotely help - I'll gladly hear it out tho. Thank you for the help!
  6. Hello. Yes, I did. I tried that once more just now (uninstalled, restarted phone, installed again, synchronized notes) and the behaviour still persists. Also, to add information: my phone software, Evernote version and keyboard version are all up to date. No further updates are available to any of them.
  7. I'm experiencing weird issues with autocorrect on the newest version (Evernote basic, 7.9.6, running on the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser, Android 6.0.1 build MMB29P.WW_Phone-, unrooted). The issues only happen when editing the body of a note. Editing anything else (even the note title!) don't cause the problems to appear. Basically Evernote started to treat words separated by spaces as one and tries to apply autocorrect to them, as a whole. The uploaded image shows the exact problem. If I were to press space one more time (so if I were to type in "To_test_", where '_' is a space), the message would be set to "Totest". The word "Totest" obviously is not valid in my dictionary. My autocorrect is globally turned OFF. I only enabled "Show word suggestions" in the keyboard settings. I'm using the standard ZenUI Keyboard that was preinstalled with my phone. The current version is
  8. Every time I type two (or more) words separated by spaces. It concatenates them all. I'll try that subboard, you may be right that I may find faster help there.
  9. No, I'm using the standard ZenUI Keyboard I got with my Asus Zenfone 2 Laser. Without any non-standard themes or anything else. Also: if I turn autocorrect off globally, the issue seems to become fixed. Which is helpful, but is not a solution I am able to apply permanently.
  10. Since the last update on my Android version (7.9.5) the autocorrect started working in a weird way. If I type some word, a space after it, and start typing another word, the app connects those two words (deletes the space between them). Evernote is the only app that does this, so it isn't a global autocorrect problem sadly. I've searched the options menu, no luck finding how to disable autocorrect. Any way to fix the problem?
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