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  1. Sorry for the janky headline, but it would've been correct had the type editing function been working correctly. #reallifedemo
  2. I just installed the latest Evernote update a few minutes ago on my Mac Powerbook. Ever since, the typing function is completely glitchy. If I'm typing a new sentence, everything is fine. It's when I have to edit the sentence that things go wrong. I click my mouse cursor somewhere in a word, and the editing does not happen at the point—it skips forward or backward a few letters, and completely throws off all the letters. Actually, I'm noticing that it's happening RIGHT NOW IN THIS TEXT BOX as I try to contribute to the feed. What the heck is up, Evernote? I just want to be able to backspace, type, and click accurately. Example: Let me attempt to demonstrate. The sentence below SHOULD say "Hello, I am trying to type in Evernote." I'm going to click behind the word "type" so theoretically, I should be editing it to say "Hello, I am trying to type a page in Evernote." Hello, I am trying to type i a page n Evernote. >> SEE HOW WEIRD THAT IS???? Imagine this happening ALL THE TIME. Is there a solution for this?
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