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  1. I can't find the delete feature. Apparently it is a menu in the annotate feature, but I can't seem to locate any such menu. I have right clicked and left clicked on the page I icon I want to delete and on the page itself, but no menu with a delete option. Ideally I would want a simpler way even if I can get this annotate thing to work. Like software that will just automatically go through a pdf file and remove any near blank pages.
  2. What about removal of blank pages? It appears that using the android app it always scans two sided. So I am getting a lot of blank pages I would also like to strip out. Is there a good program that will do this?
  3. Do I need to create a new note to add it back or is there a way to update the pdf attachment?
  4. Is it possible to add OCR text overlay after pdf's on EN?
  5. I have my pdf files on my android tablet sd card. I want to move them to EN. But first I want to add a OCR text overlay. Using my Windows 10 computer what is the best sequence of steps and software to add OCR text overlay and then upload to EN premium account. I want the text overlay so the end product is copy and paste able text or is there a way to do this after the fact (after it is on EN). I understand that EN servers will add OCR for searchability, but this does not give select/copy paste capability of I understand correctly.
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