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  1. As I am using my Evernote on two different ways, I like to configure the way my notes are showing for me. But as I really only want Evernote on my cellphone (android) show me just the part of the content I have, I can't get it to work for me. Here is how I keep it: I have 3 notebooks: 1. GTD - the notebook I send every not to by default, and that I need to see what is needed to be taken care of. 2. Active - the notebook I keep notes that I have tagged, but still is in the process of a change. Here I have set dates for the follow-up. 3. Archive - the notebook where I send all my notes at the end of the day after finishing all the work with them. On my cellphone, I only want to see the notes that are on my GTD-notebook, since that is where I need to take my action when out in the field. But every time I open the Evernote for android, I get all the notes lined up, sorted from the newest and then getting older. And this would also include notes I have worked with and sent to my archive perhaps earlier that morning. Now to scroll down many notes in order to find some note I have not worked on and need to take a look at now is not efficient. So are there a possibility to make the App for Android not showing other notebooks than the one I need?
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