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  1. Web Clipper barely works in Chrome for Mac and not at all in Safari, as other users have noted. Can't even update it in the App Store. ????
  2. Replies so far have been from "gurus". Apparently a nod from Evernote of a certain degree of trust in you. In any event, not sure you need to defend a company from user opinions and feedback. I'm sure they're able to handle it.
  3. "Should not have to tell people to Google things that aren't immediately evident." Glad you agree with me. Evernote is big and its users are small. Evernote has time and money to fix and improve things. Its users can only provide feedback, one by one. Are you telling me Evernote needs to shield itself from feedback about website navigation? Its navigation is perfect, or certainly good enough, and no improvements need to be made? That Evernote web design isn't in some ways designed to mislead and obfuscate? Evernote cannot be wrong, cannot or should not improve? Are you hol
  4. Should not have to Google things to find them.
  5. Software is asking me to upgrade. Finding the so-called comparison chart was an annoying journey. The features only appear when you mouse over each version. Meaning you can only look at one version at a time. If you actually want to compare features, you'll have to memorize what the other two versions contain. Is it hard? No, it's not. Just annoying. And manipulative. It appears that Evernote doesn't really want you to compare features, at least not too closely. Don't think about it, just jump in and subscribe. The Feedback and Communication "Help" page states, "The best way to share
  6. Scannable absolutely unable to complete a scan from my iPhone when I try to scan an 8.5" x 11" document. It will usually scan receipts, but sometimes crashes doing that, as well. I have deleted all Recent scans in case that was causing the problem, but it made no difference. ????
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