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  1. @Stuhrer just raise a support ticket. I did the same and they were able to identify all the notes (only 1 in my case) affected - good luck!
  2. Google is my friend! - I searched for "AppleScript unable to create output..." and found http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11939940/how-do-i-export-notes-from-evernote-using-applescript (from 2012...!!!) I followed this advice "Victory at last! The problem had nothing to do with my script, and everything with the fact that I had installed Evernote from the App Store. The App Store version, unlike the version that can be downloaded from evernote.com, is limited by App Sandboxing in Mac OS X. Now, with the non-App Store version installed, the scripts above work perfectly." and as if by magic my (your!) script is now working perfectly. thanks for all the help!
  3. Thanks for the reply @DTLow I simply substituted your strings with my own personal ones as below - I also attach my script. "/Users/Stu/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/Evernote_Backup/" & yyyymmdd "/Users/Stu/Desktop/Evernote Backup/Notebook-" & notebookName & ".enex" However, I didn't declare "proper" strings for yyyymmdd or notebookName is this what I'm missing? (I assumed these were variables?) Evernote_Backup.scpt PS: I manually created the "/Evernote_Backup" folder (in iCloud folder) and "/Evernote Backup" folder on the desktop
  4. Hi DTLow, Thanks for publishing the script, however, after amending it to change "fileBackup" to be a location specific to my Mac I get the following error when running it - I assume I'm doing something stupid but as a newbie to scripting I'm not sure what. Can you help at all please? Evernote Backup - Unable to create output directory.The operation couldn’t be completed. Operation not permitted
  5. I did have trouble with raising the issue but eventually got on a chat with a very helpful operative named Nicki who in turn has raised a ticket and has promised to come back to me by the end of the day to let me know *if* my missing content (or the notes it is from) can be identified - I wait in hope!
  6. +1 for this, I got the email too and agree with your comment @patnpm - the burning question for me is which of my (many) notes are affected? The text in the email states "Unfortunately, some of your attachments couldn’t be automatically restored" which suggests EN know which notes are affected? I've responded to the email and await a reply, hopefully someone will address on the forum?
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