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  1. If I want to see all notes with tag1 and either tag2 or tag3, how would I run a search for that? Does Evernote allow for OR filtering, and not just AND filtering? Everything with tag2 happens to in one notebook and everything with tag3 happens to be in another notebook so another method that might work is a command to search for notes with a tag1 that are inside notebook1 or notebook2, but I don't know how to run a search for that either.
  2. Thanks for offering to look at the file, I opened the CSV file and realized that the problem was with quotation marks. If there were quotation marks in the desired title of the note, the script would stop. In the past, the script would turn quotation marks into the HTML code ’ and it wouldn't convert them back, which was not ideal but it would still run. I'm not sure why it has changed its behavior on more recent CSV files. I ran the script on a different CSV file and it created dashes between all the words in the title, so it seems a bit finicky. I have read that there is an alternative way to turn a Google Sheet or CSV file into Evernote notes, and to assign tags, with an iOS app called workflow.is. If anyone can explain how that would work, or if there is another good method to go from a Google Sheet or CSV file to Evernote and assign multiple tags, l'd be interested to know. It's worth noting that I had tried deleting the first 14 rows of my CSV and running the script again, and it stopped after the 14th note again, so I thought there was some significance to the 14th note. But it turns out that was just a coincidence - the 14th and 28th rows happened to be the only two rows in my sheet that had quotation marks in the titles.
  3. I have been using an Appliescript to import notes and tags from a CSV file that I generate from the download option in Google Sheets: http://veritrope.com/code/evernote-csv-and-text-file-importer/ On some CSV files this script has been stopping for me after importing only 14 notes, and hanging. Is there some reason why this script would consistently stop after 14 notes for certain CSV files?
  4. I've had a lot of trouble getting IFTTT to work well with more than one Evernote note at a time. For example, if I set up an IFTTT trigger for to send notes with a particular tag into Trello, and if I add the tag to 15 Evernote notes (by selected them all and adding a tag in bulk across all of them), Evernote's API gives IFTTT an error message. I would like to sometimes send more than 100 Evernote notes at a time to certain places using IFTTT. Is there a way around the Evernote API restrictions so I can have IFTTT trigger on multiple notes, in bulk?
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