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  1. Thank you Jonathan :-) I research how to hold me when I have a client I have to work. Unfortunately I can not find many tutorials in French. I absolutely optimize Evernote for sharing with clients the progress of their project. I like to be well organized and I'm sure I'm missing full of tips for using Evernote for independents. I have to share a notebook with my client to follow the progress of his project. It adds the tasks that I have to work and I check once they are completed. We use many chat to exchange. I have to share a notebook with my client to follow the pr
  2. Hello, I wonder if Evernote Business is recommended for a very small business. I am independent and I do not teamwork. But I work in collaboration with my clients. I currently have an Evernote PLUS account, and I just found the Business Edition. In wanting to join it, I saw that we must select a team of 5 people. As I am alone, I preferred to first speak to you as to whether it is worth I invest in Evernote Business. I love Evernote, but I'm missing a few more professional features, like the ability to send messages directly from the notes. I do not find very inconvenient to hav
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